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The year is 4E-2553aA (4th Era, year 2553 after Achillius). Many thousands of years ago, Lord Achillius Illmencious forged an army so great and powerful no kingdom would stand against him. Under his command, he gained rule of many kingdoms and plotted to assault the mountain fortress of the Barbarians upon the slopes of Mt. Thermopylae in search of a great artifact; This artifact was known as the Life Stone.

With the power of the Life Stone, Achillius sought to destroy the world of men and elves to make way for a great demon lord Hadius to claim throne over the middle world. However, the Barbarians of the Kordicus fortress under rule of king Heremodius and his supreme general Hereclius held their ground valiantly; Their ferocity was unmatched as they cut down many thousands of warriors and spell casters until Lord Achillius himself marched on the fortress… With his unworldly strength he began slaughtering the duel-wielding dealers of death, making his way to the great Chamber of Life at the peak of Mt. Thermopylae. But just at the last minute, Heremodius and Hereclius sacrificed themselves under Achillius’ weapon in defense of the chamber; at that moment, a bright beam of light shown down from the heavens upon their corpses, Heremodius and Hereclius arose from the dead and with their new-found celestial power and immortality they slew the evil lord and thwarted the assault.

The world was broken for the duration of an age… The beginning of democracy rose from the ashes of the old world and the kingdoms transformed into city-states. The elves, in their fear of the corruption of man secluded themselves from the world. Spell casting was banned by law after many massacres and violent acts. Little is now known of the fate of the Barbarians upon the slopes of Mt. Thermopylae; Their amazing victory against the evil lord was lost to the pages of history.

But little did anyone know, Lord Achillius’ power came from an enchanted item given to him by Hadius himself… The item lost to the ticking of time……



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