Dilios the Drifting Cat

An adventurer/ treasure hunter from Kharazan.


Catfolk Warrior; CR 2; AL NG; Medium Humanoid
Attacks: iron shortsword
Special Qualities: Low-Light Vision 60 ft.
Languages: Common, Feline.

Standing at 5’1" this cat retains many human physical qualities. He bears himself on his hind legs and his hands are human-like, but with thicker and sharper nails. His fur-covered body resembles that of a cheetah, and his ears are rounded. His long white whiskers outline the feline features of his face he holds with a stern look of strength. He wears padded armor appearing to be made of furs, perhaps from creatures he once hunted. At his side you can see he carries a shortsword of what you would assume to be made of iron, and on his back above his tail is mounted from his shoulder an average-sized wooden round shield.


Dilios son of Dalicus II, was born 4E 2534aA and is 19 years old. He is an adult in catfolk years and has been seen as such by his peers since the age of 14 when he reached catfolk adulthood. He wanders far in search of treasures and to seek out his ultimate destiny while gaining experience in the ways of the world and the dangers it holds. He finds excitement in the unknown, and enters every battle he encounters with ferocity and speed. He is friendly to almost any adventurer or treasure hunter and enjoys good company and eating fine meals when he can. When traveling he likes to travel very quickly in long fast bursts, and take short rests often. He hates rodents of any kind, and is quite indifferent towards creatures of the canine family.

Dilios the Drifting Cat

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