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Starting level: 1

About the World

The known world is separated into city-states under the rule of individual kings for each city-state. Due to civil wars, massacres, and other extreme violence, much of the world has banned the casting of spells with the exception of military power and other law-enforcement.

Elven society differs from other societies as they have not banned spell casting amongst themselves and they choose to keep themselves separate from the rest of the world.

Half-elves and half-orcs are not widely accepted and are frowned upon by much of the world. Some are slaves, gladiators or worse. However some are wanderers drifting from place to place trying to find a home where they fit in.

The world is based on a fantasy ancient-Greek setting, with characters and civilizations having greek-like names and structure.

Class and Race Limitations and Conditions: Races; elves are off-limit, half-elves and half-orcs are limited by background; Classes; classes that cast spells such as wizards, sorcerers, battlemage’s, spellswords, and so on must have a military or law-enforcement background.

Main Page

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