People and Organizations

Major City-States


Ruled by King Herod VI. The largest human city-state in the north-eastern provinces. Holding a population of around 15,000 adults, it is a primarily trade oriented state and is well protected by it’s army and figures of authority.


Ruled by King Lethonadius II. The single largest and most powerful city-state in the provinces of man, it holds a population of around 28,000 adults and is a strongly war oriented state. It holds under it’s control the city of Platea on the river Phocia.


Ruled by King Illumanus. The primary city-state in the Al-Kharad Deserts, it’s population bounces between 7,500 and 13,000 because of it’s trade and travel oriented position in the desert. It’s inhabitants are made up of mostly catfolk, but many men, gnomes, and halflings are present at any given time as well.


One of the few Elven cities. Isolated from the rest of the world by Nu-Alo and Ildisius mountains, it’s population is roughly 21,000. Not much more is known of the Elves or their way of life. But it is assumed that they do not follow any of the same laws or state-related province separations that men do.


The legendary fortress of the barbarians. Few who travel in search of this place discover it, those who do have written books describing it’s features and it’s inhabitants. However it is often speculated amongst common people that it may not even exsist and that those to claim to have discovered it were simply hallucinating. Though recently a book was written by a traveler named Galidius Clamarius III called “Chronicles of a Drifter” describing his discovery of the great fortress.


The fighters and mages guilds hold law-enforcement positions and are located in all city-states not related to the Elves.

Fighters Guild

Those of the fighters guild are law-enforcement agents, many are also members of the local police force. However some choose to do simple jobs for locals or members of royalty.

Mages Guild

Most of the mages guild are members of the local police force and strive to keep order and justice in the world. Because it is the only legal way to use magic, they are tied to the mages guild. If they choose to discontinue, a mages guild arch-mage will cast an everlasting silence curse upon the leaving member, ensuring they will never be able to use magic again unless they rejoin the guild.

Thieves Guild

Quite a number of people of the middle world insist this guild doesn’t even exsist…

Adventurers Guild

A guild open to any adventurer with a spark for exploration or to purify the world of evil.


Dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and catfolk inhabit the southern provinces of the middle world.
Humans, Asimar, and few dwarves and halflings inhabit the northeastern provinces.
The middle states (pylos, platea, and polymedium) are inhabited largely by man, very few other races live among the middle states.

People and Organizations

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